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What is iSplit?

iSplit is a basic stopwatch application that can be used to track multiple racers in a single race and retains their split times. It was designed for fans who wish to track racers in events such as cross-country, track, and bicycle racing.

Basic usage consists of the following steps.

  1. Entering the names of the racers you wish to track and entering the name and date of the races you wish to time.
  2. Adding racers to the races in which they are entered.
  3. Starting the timer, and you will see the list of racers on the screen.
  4. Touch a racer's name and the racer's split time will be recorded.
  5. Touch a button when you move to the next split position and repeat the process.
  6. Stop the timer after the last time for the last racer has been recorded.

The times collected are stored and can be retrieved later. They can also be edited, allowing you to correct errors in timing.

You can also store groups of racers who commonly race together as a roster (making it easier to add racers to the races in which they are entered).

You can assign jersey numbers to racers for each race (making it easier to track racers while they are racing).


The best way to learn to use iSplit is to use the tutorials. From the first screen in iSplit, select “About” and then select a tutorial. What is available here are the manual (which describes some of the usage of iSplit) and some screen-capture videos of common actions in iSplit.

Reporting Bugs & Requesting Features

Please send an email to isplit@monsterworks.com if you have any problems with the application or want to request a feature. You can find the list of known bugs and features that I am working on on the Bugs Page.

Want to help prevent bugs (and play with new features)?

Currently I don't have any beta testers to help catch these things before they happen. If you want to try out cutting edge applications, email me at xc@monsterworks.com and I will try to figure out what I need to do in order to set you up as a beta tester. You can check out the Bugs Page to find out which new exciting features you can play with if you decide to beta test for me.


No one has asked a question yet. However, if people start asking them, I will answer them here.

Building the App

No, I don't post the source code in the Build Directory. Maybe some day I will, but I'm still attempting to recover the cost of development. What is available here are things like a description of my build settings and how I've configured my Xcode project. In part so I don't forget what I have done and in part to help others trying to get Xcode to play nice with OCTest, OCMock, doxygen, and gcov.

Last Update: July 19, 2011