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The following describes the arrangement so that I don't forget what I have done when it is time to start another project. I store almost no settings in the Build panes, but instead rely on Xcode Configuration files. I do this for two reasons: first (probably purely psychological), I feel more comfortable that the settings are not going to get lost when I check them into my Subversion repository as separate files than as part of the project; and second, this allows me the freedom to twiddle settings in the build panes freely and if I get totally muck up the build, I can simply delete all the settings in the build panes to revert to a working configuration. This is particularly useful when debugging the Tests code, as I can use the build panes to enable the debugging information while debugging and then delete the settings after I've got the problem solved.


Shared settings are kept in a Shared configuration file.

I have 4 Configurations that establish the Project level settings.


I have 5 Targets.

I have the following three configurations:


I typically use the following schemes in Xcode as part of the build process.


The doxygen configuration file I use for doxygen runs.


I use the following scripts in the build process.

Last Update: July 19, 2011